Creating Useful Videos to Promote Listings

Technology has made many components of life convenient, but it is also pushing us to become more innovative and unique in our pursuit of real estate clients. If you use social media to communicate with your customers and expand your client base, then you are probably wondering how you can take your marketing to the next level. How can you stand out from others in your industry by catering to clients who eat and breathe technology? The answer is surprisingly simple: videos.

Promotional videos are powerful marketing tools. They make it possible to convey information without print and capture the attention of social media users more inclined to watch than read. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to get started in this realm. These ideas will help you succeed.

Informational Videos: You’re An Interesting and Entertaining Expert Read more

Best Practices for Real Estate Agents Using Facebook

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook has become an integral part of our modern world. Your grandmother is on Facebook, your old high school teachers are on Facebook, and so are your real estate clients. This means that you need to adopt strategic Facbeook habits and cultivate a strong social media presence. Doing so will boost your sales and help you maintain loyal, supportive customers.

Start With a Goal

Facebook can be a marketing goldmine, but only if you approach each post with a specific goal. Identify where you are posting to spread awareness of your brand, assert your position as a trusted industry expert, or generate leads on properties. Each goal has its place in your marketing portfolio; just be sure to identify the purpose of each post to ensure it most effectively reaches your audience. Read more

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Market Your Home for Sale

The process of buying and selling homes has existed as long as homes themselves, but thanks to new technology, homes can now be marketed in many creative, exciting, and unique ways to speed along the sales process. If you want to market your home in a way that garners attention and improves your odds of the perfect sale, consider these ideas!

Offer Rewards For Facebook Shares

Despite other social media platforms trying to compete, Facebook has become the ultimate source of news and social communication in our society. So, it makes sense to try to leverage Facebook to sell your home! Sellers and agents have found that one clever way to market the sale of your home is to offer a cash reward for any “share” that leads to the sale of your home. Read more

Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Pros

Your success as a real estate agent is greatly influenced by your knowledge of local properties and penchant for persuasion, but it is also dependent upon the marketing strategies you employ to gain and retain clients. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective strategies that you can utilize to propel your success. In fact, research suggests that it is more reliable than paid ads on social media platforms, while delivering higher returns on your investments!

However, you can’t just launch into an email marketing campaign without strategic planning. It’s essential to identify and implement the strategies that will maximize your open rates and ensure that your emails strengthen your credibility within the industry.

Focus on Nurturing a Relationship With Your Clients Read more

The Most Important Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Finding success in your career isn’t mere luck. There are specific habits and tactics that all professionals can use to succeed. This is especially true for real estate agents. As a real estate agent, you don’t simply sit at a desk and complete menial tasks. You are out there hustling for every sale! The following habits will help you meet and surpass your goals in the New Year.

Embace New Technology

You don’t need to become an expert on every social media platform out there, but you will gain far more traction with your business if you strategically utilize the best technologies available. Texting and email are no longer enough! You want to gain a Facebook or Instagram following, create virtual reality tours for your properties, master a brokerage CRM, and download helpful apps onto your phone. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it might take you all of 2018 to feel comfortable with some of the newer tech tools. Just start somewhere; it will pay off! Read more

The Best Apps to Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

Technology has rapidly and dramatically revolutionized the real estate industry. Realtors now have instant access to some of the most innovative and advanced systems that make it easier than ever to increase business and productivity. Smartphone applications, known simply as “apps,” are some of the most powerful components of technology that real estate agents can use. The following list highlights popular apps that have proven time and time again to boost sales, attract customers, and support success.

Open House Pro: This app helps to make open houses more efficient and productive by replacing the paper and pencil sign-in sheet. Instead, you can use Open House Pro to create a digital sign in sheet that automatically follows up with event visitors afterward. Think of how many other tasks you can accomplish when open house follow-up is done automatically!  

TurboScan: Scanning documents has always been an incredibly time consuming necessity for realtors, but thanks to TurboScan, it doesn’t have to be anymore! TurboScan gives your smartphone the ability to function like a scanner so you can scan important documents from your car, the kitchen of a model home, or anywhere else! This valuable app allows you to send important documents to your clients, mortgage partners, and outside vendors without any delay. Read more

Use This Open House Marketing Checklist to Streamline the Selling Process

We’ve all heard home selling stories that sound more like nightmares. If you are initiating the process of selling your own home, preparing for a successful open house is one of the most effective ways to ensure the successful sale of your home. Not sure how to begin preparing for your open house? Don’t worry, this checklist will guide you through every important step!

One Week Before Your Open House

Once you have selected a day that you can commit to hosting an open house, you can begin preparing. Seven days before your open house is scheduled to kick off, it’s time to advertise! Use a combination of print, verbal, and online marketing strategies to spread the word. Send invitation postcards around your local community, post an invitation on various social media outlets, and call and invite friends and neighbors. You can even mark your open house on MLS, Zillow, and Craigslist. This is also the best time to hire a caterer and staging company to help your open house look and feel as professional and persuasive as possible. Read more

What You Need to Know about Inspection Notices

Buying a home involves more than the transfer of money; the buyer and seller must both complete and uphold certain processes that protect and respect all parties involved. A home inspection is one such process that is essential to ensure that the buyer is not investing in a property that will turn into a money pit. This means that any realtor must pay close attention to the results of a home inspection, and deliver proper inspection notices to the buyer and seller accordingly.

What Exactly Is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is completed by a professional inspection specialist in order to provide an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home. This includes every major system from the roof down to the foundation: the heating, central air, interior plumbing, electric, roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, basement, and structural components. Read more

Why Every Homeowner Needs Flood Insurance

You may think that flood insurance is only a priority if you live near the Florida coast, but the truth is that every homeowner should carry some form of flood insurance for protection. Even without the ocean nearby, heavy rains, overflowing rivers, levee failure, and other unexpected problems can lead to flooding concerns nearly anywhere. Learning about the importance of flood insurance and obtaining it from a reliable source can make all of the difference in an emergency situation.

Flood Zones Vary By Location

Flooding is a common natural disaster in the United States, which is why FEMA uses a flood hazard mapping program to identify the risk of flooding in a specific area. Everybody technically lives in a flood zone, but the true risk of flooding varies by location. Nearly 20 percent of all flood insurance claims actually originate from homeowners living in low-risk flooding areas, which proves that no home is completely safe from flooding. Flash floods, melting snow, broken dams, and a number of other unexpected issues can all lead to flooding. Read more

How to Write Winning Real Estate Listings

You have a beautiful property that any future buyer would be lucky to invest in, but how can you pack all of your home’s features into an engaging listing that helps it sell? It doesn’t have to be difficult! These tips will help you write a winning real estate listing and sell your home faster than you thought possible.

Find the Right Balance of Description

You want to be descriptive, but not so descriptive that your listing becomes three pages long. As you describe the best parts about your home, make every word matter. Skip the subjective and cliche phrases like, “You’ll love making memories here” and instead opt for objective language that helps readers visualize the specific features of your home. Instead of “nice outdoor space,” write, “stone patio complete with firepit and garden view.” If you can mention each appealing aspect of your home in about 250 words total, you will have a winner.   Read more