3 Reasons You May Be Having Trouble Selling Your Home

You activated your listing, put a For Sale sign in the yard, and hosted a few showings, but your home still hasn’t sold. You’re becoming frustrated and wondering if you should lower your listing price, start repainting the walls, hire a new realtor, or all of the above. Slow down and take a breath! It’s common to have trouble selling your home, especially if you can relate to any of the following three reasons. Just take our advice and you’ll be sitting at the closing table in no time.

Your Listing Needs a Facelift

This is the digital world, and a potential buyer’s very first impression of your home comes from its online listing. If your online listing is missing pictures, showing unflattering photographs, missing critical information, or poorly written, buyers will pass right over your property for the listings that appeal to them. This is true even if your home is truly beautiful and fairly priced. Take a close look at your listing and make a few of the following changes to encourage buyers: Read more

4 Reasons You Should Own a Home

Though the home rental industry is growing, owning a home is still a major goal and achievement for the majority of Americans. Beyond an eye-catching car or designer clothes, a home is the single most powerful way to define your lifestyle and settle into a place that is all your own. In addition to the obvious benefits of homeownership, the following four perks shouldn’t ignored.

Tax Savings

Taxes are a headache, but owning a home can at least make them a more rewarding headache. The government currently rewards homeowners in the form of homeowner tax deductions. You can deduct the interest paid on your mortgage and your other home-related expenses from your income in order to pay less taxes. There are other possibilities for tax deductions that only become available through homeownership, like installing solar panels on your roof. Read more

How to Craft an Effective Open House Flyer

You don’t want to invest your time and effort into creating marketing pieces that will be largely ignored, so it is important to use techniques and strategies that are proven to deliver results. The following ideas will help you craft an effective open house flyer to boost your sales.

Let Your Picture Do the Talking

Choose one or two pictures to show as the focal point of your flyer, and make sure those pictures display your property in an attractive, appealing, and complimentary way. If done well, your pictures will be persuasive enough to encourage potential buyers to read the rest of the information on your flyer. It all starts with grabbing their attention! Read more

Email Marketing for Realtors: 4 Tips for Making Sure Your Newsletters are Opened

Even in our world of social media and smartphones, email marketing is still a powerful and affordable way to strengthen your business and support your sales. But only if it is done right! First you need to avoid becoming a victim of the delete button, and then you need to persuade your viewers that your email is worth opening. The following tips will help you craft your marketing emails in a way that will improve your open rates and grow your customer base.

Promise Value

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth a reminder because value isn’t always easy to provide. There’s no doubt that you have many brilliant ideas swirling around in your head that you want to share with your clients, but how can you convey those ideas in an attention-getting way? Try the following: Read more

Five Top Habits of Successful Real Estate Professionals

Working in the real estate industry requires a unique blend of skills: you need to be a marketing expert, an extrovert, a social media star, a local guru, a property evaluator, a mathematician, and so much more! So, what are the top five habits that will help you reach success and continue to achieve it throughout your career?

Manage Your Time Strategically

Poor time management can defeat even the most qualified real estate professionals. It is essential that you remain purposeful and mindful with your time in order to make a real difference with your actions every single day. Consider your tasks of lead generation, follow ups, and meetings with clients. How can you best split your time between those priorities each day?

Be Proactive on Predictable Issues

If you are continually forced to react on the defense to issues as they unfold, you will always feel like you are treading water. This is why it is so important to deal with issues before they have a chance to arise. As a seasoned real estate agent, you have enough experience to sniff out problems a mile away. Don’t hide from them until they become a reality; tackle them proactively to keep everything running smoothly. Read more

The Importance of Establishing a Strong CRM for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you have doubtlessly heard the term “CRM” tossed around in conversation, but do you really understand what it means or how to best utilize it for your own gains? Establishing a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application can make or break your efforts in the real estate market. Here is everything you should know!

What Exactly Is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?

Unlike an excel sheet with an overwhelming list of names, emails, and phone numbers, a CRM is a comprehensive system that helps you manage your interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It uses technology to most efficiently organize, automate, and synchronize your entire real estate business process. In this day and age, every successful business has a well-oiled CRM application providing support in the background.   Read more

Creating Useful Videos to Promote Listings

Technology has made many components of life convenient, but it is also pushing us to become more innovative and unique in our pursuit of real estate clients. If you use social media to communicate with your customers and expand your client base, then you are probably wondering how you can take your marketing to the next level. How can you stand out from others in your industry by catering to clients who eat and breathe technology? The answer is surprisingly simple: videos.

Promotional videos are powerful marketing tools. They make it possible to convey information without print and capture the attention of social media users more inclined to watch than read. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to get started in this realm. These ideas will help you succeed.

Informational Videos: You’re An Interesting and Entertaining Expert Read more

Best Practices for Real Estate Agents Using Facebook

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook has become an integral part of our modern world. Your grandmother is on Facebook, your old high school teachers are on Facebook, and so are your real estate clients. This means that you need to adopt strategic Facbeook habits and cultivate a strong social media presence. Doing so will boost your sales and help you maintain loyal, supportive customers.

Start With a Goal

Facebook can be a marketing goldmine, but only if you approach each post with a specific goal. Identify where you are posting to spread awareness of your brand, assert your position as a trusted industry expert, or generate leads on properties. Each goal has its place in your marketing portfolio; just be sure to identify the purpose of each post to ensure it most effectively reaches your audience. Read more

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Market Your Home for Sale

The process of buying and selling homes has existed as long as homes themselves, but thanks to new technology, homes can now be marketed in many creative, exciting, and unique ways to speed along the sales process. If you want to market your home in a way that garners attention and improves your odds of the perfect sale, consider these ideas!

Offer Rewards For Facebook Shares

Despite other social media platforms trying to compete, Facebook has become the ultimate source of news and social communication in our society. So, it makes sense to try to leverage Facebook to sell your home! Sellers and agents have found that one clever way to market the sale of your home is to offer a cash reward for any “share” that leads to the sale of your home. Read more

Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Pros

Your success as a real estate agent is greatly influenced by your knowledge of local properties and penchant for persuasion, but it is also dependent upon the marketing strategies you employ to gain and retain clients. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective strategies that you can utilize to propel your success. In fact, research suggests that it is more reliable than paid ads on social media platforms, while delivering higher returns on your investments!

However, you can’t just launch into an email marketing campaign without strategic planning. It’s essential to identify and implement the strategies that will maximize your open rates and ensure that your emails strengthen your credibility within the industry.

Focus on Nurturing a Relationship With Your Clients Read more