Thinking Outside the Box to Find Real Estate Leads

A business without leads is like a well without water. You might have the best homes to sell, but those homes will sit languishing on the market until you find prospective buyers. However, we all know that the process of finding legitimate leads isn’t always easy. Try these out of the box ideas to accumulate new leads and accelerate your sales.

Give and Get Referrals: A Two-Way Street

There are many service professionals in your local area who come across potential real estate leads every day during their meetings and appointments. Divorce attorneys, financial advisors, and human resource managers are just a few examples of the professionals who could help you find leads.

This lead generation system is based on referrals, but it must be a two-way street. If you can prove you bring value to the business relationship, and a local divorce attorney or financial advisor can do the same, then you can generate referrals for each other.

For example, divorce attorneys are often the first to know when the sale or purchase of a home needs to take place. Your divorce attorney contacts can recommend your name or provide your business card. There’s your lead!

Use “Coming Soon” Signs

The use of “For Sale” and “Sold” signs is obvious, but what about “Coming Soon” signs? These signs generate interest about your property and expertise in the weeks and months preceding a home hitting the market. Make your contact information big and bold on these signs to collect leads from the people who call to ask questions or learn more about your other properties. The simple power of curiosity!

Learn to Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world, but without so many distracting and overwhelming features. LinkedIn offers very valuable business networking tools that can help you generate leads. Most notably, LinkedIn has groups that you can join based on your target audience, like first-time homebuyers or retirees.

Share your own resources in these groups to help others recognize your name and brand. You don’t need to continually pitch your services; instead, share relevant blog articles, answer questions, and offer advice. Once you’ve built rapport, the leads will follow!

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