How Do Great Real Estate Agents Succeed?

Have you watched in awe as other real estate agents have closed deal after deal after deal? You can be one of the top performers too, as long as you know the secrets that great real estate agents use to succeed. Give the following habits a try; they may just help you meet and surpass your goals this New Year.

Make Technology Your Advocate

There’s virtually no end to the potential uses of technology in your real estate practices. If that feels overwhelming, you don’t need to pressure yourself into becoming a master of every social media platform of Android app out there, but you do need to strategically use the best technologies available.

The sad truth is that texting and email – once the ultimate advancements in real estate – are no longer enough! Start by selecting a social media platform and building a following. You may choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other popular site. Post live tours, new listings, contests, fun facts, local events, and other interesting posts to keep your followers coming back for more.

You can also try to master a brokerage CRM or download helpful apps onto your phone. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s okay if it takes you all of 2019 to feel comfortable with some of the newer tech tools. It’s better than standing still in the dark ages!

Embrace Your Local Area

You should always be in tune with the pulse of the neighborhoods in your local area. Beyond just understanding the real estate market values, you should become an expert on the best schools, restaurants, amenities, and subdivisions in your target areas. It’s also helpful to appreciate the issues of your area as well in order to address them for concerned buyers and sellers. In essence, you want to become a walking, talking encyclopedia about your region. This will help you exude confidence and competence that customers will be drawn to.

Be Persistent But Pleasant

The most successful real estate agents know how to strike the perfect balance of persistence without being aggressive. As you work toward this goal, concentrate on earning new customers by providing excellent service, expertise, and commitment. Your confidence will make it much easier for prospective clients to engage in conversations with you and make the decision to rely on you for their real estate needs.

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