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The 3 Ways You Can Title Your New Home

One of the things you may not have considered when purchasing your home is how it will be titled. There are several different ways that you can title your new home. How you title it will affect ownership, how the property can be sold, and how the property is passed down in case of your […]

What You Need to Know About Closing on a Refinance

You may think that refinancing your home is just a matter of signing a few documents with the bank. However, it is actually a bit more complicated than that. When you refinance your home, you will go through a closing process similar to when you first bought the property. The only difference between that closing […]

Can You Sell Your Home Quickly in the Winter?

Conventional wisdom tells you to sell your home in the spring or summer, but that doesn’t mean selling in the winter will be a disaster. In fact, selling your home during the holidays can actually be a wild success. Use these tips to guide yourself through a surprisingly easy and hassle-free winter home sale. Enjoy […]